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What Breaking Bad Taught Us About Branding

His product becomes the talk of the town among both his customers and the local Drug Enforcement Agents, one of whom is his brother-in-law. (Seriously, if you haven't watched Breaking Bad yet, head for Netflix. We'll try to refrain from spoilers).

Here are our Top Five Tips for Branding that we've taken from Mr White's inexorable rise to the top of the murky underworld:

1. "Yeah Science!" - Develop Your Identity 

Walter White goes by the pseudonym 'Heisenberg', which gives his product connotations of being scientifically produced, with care and expertise. This encapsulates what he stands for - he is a man of science.

It's important that your brand does the same in that it sums up every possible facet of you, your character and your organization. It should be an extension of what you stand for.

2. "I am the Danger!" - A Strong Brand Can Make You Brave

Walter was never content on peddling his wares to just any old meth dealer. No, he continually pushes himself to the next level, working his way to the top where he meets arguably one of the great TV villains, Gustavo Fring.

Having a strong and considered brand will open a lot of doors for you, but it will also make you confident enough to go knocking yourself.

3. "It may be blue, but it's the bomb" - Position Your Brand  

Where does your brand sit in the market? Is it for everyone? Is it exclusive and high-end?

Walter knows how important it is for his product to stand out. It's all about being unique & memorable. Not only is his product the top stuff around, it's also instantly recognisable.

Why? Two words Breaking Bad fans: Blue Sky.

4. "That was... awesome, bro." - Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are and always will be key. Just as the murky world of meth slinging relies upon some positive word-of-mouth, your brand will benefit from stakeholders willing to shout from the rooftops about how great you are.

Not only is it a cost-effective marketing channel, people championing your brand will go some way towards legitimizing it in the eyes of your target customers.

5. "Corner the market, then raise the price." - Brand Economics 

Getting Walter's brand right meant:

  • Premium Pricing
  • Lower Cost of Promotion
  • Higher Market Share

And boy does Walter know it! His superior product gives him quite a bit of sway within the New Mexico drug scene. He can charge more money and take more of the market.

If you work on your brand you can develop a perception of scale and power from the outset, allowing you to assert yourself in your target market and set your prices accordingly.


Remember - Consistency Builds Brands. Each and every single time someone comes into contact with your brand it needs to be the same top quality experience. It's therefore beneficial working hard to define and shape it at the start so that it can evolve and grow as you do.



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