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SEO Isn't Magic

SEO isn't magic.

No sir. And anyone who claims they can guarantee you the top of Google is a downright liar and a scoundrel. Also they smell, and we hate them.

Search Engine Optimization is hard work. It requires a great deal of research, skill and patience. Even after observing all the best practice industry techniques, it might not work.

After all, we are at the mercy of a 3rd party here (be it Google, Yahoo, Bing or whatever search engine happens to tickle your fancy), hence why guarantees of number one placement aren't worth much and should be treated with caution.

Rather than think of short term gain, here's a couple of areas where your SEO focus should go:

Optimize to Solve Problems

Why do people use search engines? More often than not, we'd argue, it's to solve a problem. If you sell Red Dancing Shoes, and someone wants to buy Red Dancing Shoes, then you can solve that (first world) problem of that person not owning Red Dancing Shoes.

So with that in mind, ensure that your website is geared towards being a relevant and useful resource.

Regardless of the products you may sell or the services you may offer, being the best possible solution to a searcher's problem will prevent them from pogo-sticking away from your site.

This leads nicely into our next point...

Produce Amazing (Relevant) Content

Gone are the days where you could game the search engines by stuffing irrelevant keywords into your content and watch as your site raced to the top.

Now that the Google algorithm has wised up to those shenanigans, the focus is on quality and relevancy. Forget the notion of SEO Copywriting, that doesn't exist.

Sure, by all means make sure your content is optimised for search by utilising the correct header tags and alt tags and all that good stuff search engine spiders crave.

But never, ever compromise the quality of your content for the sake of trying to trick Google into ranking your website higher than another.

Google will like your website for who it is, provided it is a bastion of quality, relevant content written specifically for the user, and not an awkward spammy mess.

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