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What We've Learned From... Visit Scotland

Next up, Visit Scotland and their Year of Natural Scotland 2013 campaign.

Scotland's national tourist board are frankly brilliant at the old social media game, and we believe there's a lot to be learned from them, no matter the industry you happen to be in.

Today we'll look at Visit Scotland's presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, covering a whole manner of content types and techniques.

1. Facebook 

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As we pointed out previously in the Arrested Development Social Media blog, when it comes to high-performing Facebook posts, photos are where it's at.

For Visit Scotland, high quality media isn't restricted to their Facebook page, as we'll soon discover, with shareable and engaging photographs a consistent theme throughout their social media presence.

What they happen to be brilliant at with regards to their Facebook page is the ability to add to the visually engaging content with terrific copywriting.

Top Tip: Be a Great Storyteller.

2. Twitter

In addition to providing great pictures and copy, another aspect Visit Scotland excels in is engaging with its followers. You could have the most interesting, thought provoking and attention grabbing content on all of Twitter, but failing to interact with your followers won't do you any favours.

Their team are fantastic when it comes to interacting with followers, whether that be retweeting a fantastic picture of some Scottish scenery or helping out tourists.

Engaging with followers enhances their experience and will encourage them to engage again!

visit scotland


(the view!)

 Top Tip: Engage User-Generated Content.

3. Instagram

Instagram is the perfect platform for Visit Scotland. With so many beautiful, unspoiled scenes, they're spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting pictures to share.


The use of hashtags on Instagram can allow content to be viewed by those with similar interests. When choosing hashtags for Instagram, it's important to ensure two things: 1-make sure they are relevant to the subject. 2- Don't use too many! People make the mistake of using too many, generic hashtags on Instagram. Keep it short and concise.

Top Tip:  Use Appropriate Hashtags

4. YouTube

YouTube tends to be a bit neglected by brands. Perhaps they are a bit scared of it, unsure what content they would share.

Visit Scotland are fantastic on YouTube, and just like all their other social media platforms, are showing us exactly how to get the most out of social media.

Watch this lovely video:

They're truly making the most of YouTube, and promoting its product (Scotland) in a fantastic, interactive and social way.

Using YouTube also allows them to see how the content is performing, who is watching and how they are responding.

Top Tip: Use YouTube's Analytics to Measure Impact.


All in all, Visit Scotland is a real front-runner when it comes to using social media effectively. And most importantly looking at all their content has made me bloody proud to be a Scot!

photo credit: West of Edinburgh - Edinburgh, Scotland via photopin (license)


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