With UI: Skip to the Good Bit

So you’re sat there marathon watching Friends like a sitcom addict and up comes the foreboding message of judgement…’are you still watching?’. YES I AM #THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

I love Netflix. I really do. It’s probably the main reason that I cut the cable and cheated on live telly to run off with it’s younger, more flexible media sibling 10 years ago. But (fairly) recently Netflix added a new little feature. Just when I thought I couldn’t love it more, it added the ‘Skip Intro’ button…queue joygasm.

Why is it a great move by Netflix?

This little UI tweak is a PHENOMENAL move. It put’s the customer first by giving them choice over a repetitive disruption to viewing joy. It also removes my other half’s grievance of me singing ‘I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU’ every 20 mins.

Attention spans are continually shortening and people are becoming less and less inclined to put up with hold-ups and long load times. This has a big impact whether you are trying to create engagement on social media or aiming to get a customer through a booking process and make a purchase.

How does it affect you?

So the big question is…what can YOU do about it? LOTS. What ballast can you dump overboard and get this conversion rocket into the stratosphere? Do you REALLY need to capture someone's title? Can you save the user a click? Is your page load time being slowed by that unneeded cat GIF? There is almost always a way to increase conversions and make your customer that little bit more satisfied with their experience. It’s WIN/WIN.

In a world where everything screams for your attention constantly, you’ve got to get to the good stuff quickly. So if you want to convert…skip the introductions.

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