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UX vs. UI: A Beginner’s Guide

Ever been on a website you have no idea what it is about and can’t even navigate through different pages. What do you do? You leave the website and look for another one. Why? Because that website did not have a strong UI and UX. Many businesses create a website without having an idea of the importance of UI and UX which makes them lose potential customers. 

What is the difference between UI and UX? 

Let’s start with User Interface (UI), UI is mostly about transforming wireframes into aesthetically pleasing user interfaces. In simple terms, UI focuses on the visual elements such as the look and feel of a website. This consists of buttons, menu bars, typography and more.

On the other hand, User Experience (UX) is about providing great experiences for every website visitor. It’s all about making sure that each user can navigate through the website easily and efficiently. A lot of people spend time talking about UX vs. UI, debating on which one is more important. We believe that UX and UI are equally important as they equally complement each other. Without the other, a user will most likely leave a website immediately.

What is the importance of UX and  UI? 
First Impression Matters.

When it comes to a website, UX / UI will be responsible for the first impression. A website is also connected to the overall image of the company. A negative impression may lead users to never go back to a site which may hurt a company’s reputation in the long run. 

Users always want instant access to everything. If they can’t find the information they are looking for and can't accomplish the task they need to do, they will look for another site that can offer what they need. Therefore, websites should be able to clearly convey the information they want to deliver and should be user-friendly to hold the attention of the web visitors.

Greater UX and UI means Greater ROI.

An exceptional UX and UI design offer users simple navigation and engaging content which leads to customer satisfaction. The more satisfied the visitors are, the more chances they recommend your services to others. Not only that, but visitors will also stay to explore and interact with the site which will most likely increase ROI. 

Top 3 Tips to create an Outstanding UX and UI Design. 

1. The best tip we can share is to get a professional to create your website for you. 

Websites are the reason why businesses either succeed or fail. Your website allows you to connect with your customers and it is the best way your audience can get a sense of who and what your business is all about. We at Parachute have web design specialists who would love to help. 

2.  Minimalism is key.

Minimalism is the latest and top trend for UI. People see and receive a lot of advertisements every day and they can get overwhelmed with information. To avoid that, web designers aim for minimalism to create seamless user experiences. Minimalism refrain website visitors from being distracted and perceive the website as smart, modern and intelligent. 

3. Mobile-first approach.

Today, most search queries come from a mobile device. Therefore, the web design must look good not only on the desktop version but also on mobile. The mobile-first approach has become a significant UX trend for web designers. This must be done cautiously with utmost perfection to provide a high-quality user experience.

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