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The Rise of Short-Form Videos

Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love watching videos? With the rise of Tiktok, Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts, brands have the opportunity to tell short stories that can convert watchers into consumers. 

Videos are a great way to provide entertainment and information but the thing is, our attention span is quickly shrinking. Today, a two-minute video is considered long. Tiktok, an entertaining short-form video app, has grown massively since 2020 and has caused other platforms to create a feature that allows their users to create short-form videos. 

If short videos are such a big thing, why did Vine fail? 

The answer is short and simple: Vine was a great tool to grow audiences but it was an unprofitable business. Vine users were not able to monetize from the content they have created which led them to use other platforms such as Instagram. Although Tiktok and Instagram Reels also do not offer creators monetization, it’s still commercial-friendly by allowing creators secure sponsorships and brand deals for their posts. 

If you’re a business owner, here are some reasons why should consider creating short videos. 

1. More Engagement

Videos that are 15 to 30 seconds long are easy to do and  are most likely to get a viewer’s attention for longer. When a video is viewed longer, the algorithm boosts the content to a wider audience which leads to higher engagement rate.

2. Perfect for Brand Awareness 

Marketers claim that short videos serve as a strategy for increasing brand awareness. TikTok and Reels allow brands to promote themselves by creating high-quality entertainment rather than an ‘in your face’ advertisement. This is perfect for businesses whose target audience are millennials and gen z who enjoy watching fun and relatable content. 

3. Increase Business Sales 

They say that a picture can tell a thousand words but a video can tell at least a million! Social media users claim that they are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video from a brand. Videos allow brands to have an experiment on how to dynamically showcase their products and services.

4. Reach More Audiences Across Multiple Platforms

Not a fan of producing videos? Yes we know it can be time consuming but think about it, you can upload one video across multiple platforms. You can share it on Instagram Reels, Stories, IGTV, Facebook Stories, Pinterest Videos, Tiktok and more. Each platform has different audiences which will lead to greater reach and greater reach will lead to a greater return on investment.

How can you create successful videos?

There’s no magic formula when it comes to creating videos. One tip we can share is to create videos that offer value to the viewers. It doesn’t have to be something huge, just ensure that viewers find a reason to stay and watch your video. If you can’t offer value, then pique their interest. 

Every brand and every viewer is different, if you have never created a video for your brand or don’t know where to start, let us know and we can help you get started. 


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