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The Man From Google's Secrets To Audience Targeting: Part 2

The man from Google is back and this time it's personal, as we explore the second part of Secrets to Audience Targeting.

Last week we learned about remarketing and similar audiences and how we can leverage these to maximise returns for your business. This week we will be looking at user intent and demographics...we told you it would be personal.

User Intent

In-Market targeting is a new development aimed at targeting users who are in a transactional mindset - i.e., they are in market to purchase. These audiences are in contrast to users who are searching in a more informational manner. For example, someone searching with queries like ‘book paris hotels’ and ‘buy louvre tickets online’ may be deemed as in market for a trip to Paris, while someone looking for ‘eiffel tower height in millimetres’ would not.

In-Market audiences cover a wide range of industries, from automotive to beauty and from computers to dating services, so you can target the audience that is closest to your product. Because these users are more likely to convert, the efficiency of your advertising spend gets boosted by filtering out visitors who are using your site for the purposes of information rather than actually purchasing.


If you have a distinct target market, demographic targeting is ideal for weeding out visits from people who don’t fit the bill. If your business deals in luxury apartment rentals in New York, it’s unlikely that 19-year-olds are your core audience.

For advertisers with products that appeal more to particular age groups and genders, demographic lets you either only target these potential customers or target them with higher bids. Parental status and education level, as well as household income in certain countries (currently restricted to Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and the US) also allow you to market to people at specific stages in their lives and with specific budgets to spend.

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