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Top 10 Most Popular Tweets To 2014

Following on from last night’s incredible Oscars ceremony, we take a look at some of the most popular tweets in twitter history. After the legendary Ellen DeGeneres temporarily broke Twitter on Sunday night, due to her Oscar’s tweet which caused an uproar of online traffic, we wondered who and what else really makes users on Twitter go crazy! The tweet itself just shows the absolute power Twitter holds and how powerful we as users of the site can be. By joining together we can instantly share messages across the globe, whether it is positive or negative; although in this case all positive! With large fan bases and followings celebrities clearly show how much support they have and regardless of what they say they still gain attention and retweets by the thousands. Below are the top 10 most re-tweeted tweets to date…

Photo 1

Like I said before, last night Twitter temporarily broke down due to the popularity of a tweet sent by Ellen DeGeneres during the Oscar awards. Where she, with the help of Meryl Streep, attracted a small group of A-Listers to capture the world’s best ever ‘selfie’. The tweet now sits at over 2 million retweets and has surpassed any previous popular tweets by miles, now that is making history.

Photo 2

President Obama holds the next top spot with a picture of him and his wife embracing after he was re-elected in 2012.

Photo 3

Glee star Lea Michele holds the third spot with a “thank you” dedicated to all her fans and fans of the TV show Glee after the loss of fellow co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith.

Photo 4

When Bieber finally breaks his silence after recent arrests earlier this year; fans are there, like always to support the teen star. He is great proof that fans stay with you no matter how ridiculous you have been and acted.

Photo 5

The first member of One Direction to make the top 10, and unsurprisingly not the only one. Although the difference here with Niall’s tweet is that it was sent the same day of his X Factor audition when he was not at all famous… Who would have thought just three years later he’d be part of the biggest boy band in the world!?

Photo 6

All members of One Direction just show the power of a fan base; with over 15 million followers it is no surprise that even the most pointless statements become the most popular.

Photo 7

A simple tweet made on his birthday, easily becomes one of the most retweeted tweets in the world.

Photo 8

Zayne makes it into the top 10 yet again due to the worldwide fan base with a picture of Harry Styles sleeping.

Photo 9

The ninth star on our list proves popular after sending condolences of the death of star James Avery who played Uncle Phil, in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  DiCaprio is just one of many high profile stars who mourned Avery’s death.

Photo 10

Now this spot is taken by a non-celebrity individual who with massive help from singer Ariana Grande, gained thousands of retweets after asking the star if she would go to prom with him. The request though also stated that he had to gain 1 million retweets and even with a shock reply from Grande, he didn't quite make it!

By the looks of things it seems like the best and easiest way to gain thousands of retweets is to be famous, and more specifically... A member of One Direction. But with a big enough following and idea, you could give it a go! All in all though, we aren't complaining too much as quite often they are massively entertaining... Hats off to Ellen!


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