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Team Parachute's New Year's Resolutions

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Ah, 2013. You were alright. Some fun was had, friends were made, and a company (us) was launched! The last 6 months of last year witnessed a lot of big changes and our only real regret is that perhaps we didn't document it as well as we should have. So for 2014 we thought it only right to note down our New Year's Resolutions so that we have something to look back on at the end of the year. Here are the 3 (we think that's doable) resolutions we'll be trying to stick to:

  • Take More Pictures
  • Use KILTR More
  • Read & Write More Blogs

Take More Pictures

We have signed up for Instagram (look out cool kids!) and we're ready to document the goings on behind the scenes at the agency. We've also moved to the lovely, leafy west end of the city, so there'll be plenty of picturesque places to capture in and around the office. Do make sure you follow us!

Use KILTR More


Described as "an online content sharing platform and a social and professional network aimed primarily at Scots and Scotland but welcoming users, contributors and members from around the world" we believe KILTR is a beautiful and engaging social network. It's also one we want to use more often in 2014 to connect with fellow Scottish businesses and people, wherever they may be in the world. We have our eye on that Castle Badge! Join us on KILTR.

Read & Write More Blogs


photo credit: ilouque via photopin cc

We know that blogging is incredibly important for a myriad of reasons. We know we need to do it more often. So that's exactly what we'll be endeavouring to do in 2014. We'll also be increasing our consumption of some of our favourite blogs, including Rand Fishkin's, Seth Godin's and The Daily Egg. Do you have a favourite blog? Would you like to guest blog for us? Tweet us and let us know! Well there you have it, we're gearing up for an exciting and incredibly busy 2014 here at Parachute HQ. We hope you'll join us on the latest leg of our adventure. Happy New Year!


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