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Lockdown in Review (Part II).

Next up in our series, we take a look at one of our most favourites clients, Goals.

Pent up demand sends football bookings flying

Goals has kept Parachute on our toes for the past seven years with requests ranging from a new app or website features, installation of shiny new self service kiosks, pay per click campaigns to boost the ‘North’ region, right through to traditional localised campaign creation for clubs like Doncaster, Ruislip or Aberdeen. However with Lockdown forcing Goals to close, all focus turned to ways and means to improve upon re-opening.

And what a re-opening it was! Record sales driven by unbridled demand to get back playing, a re-opening campaign, and our buttery smooth quick pay app, allowed users to reserve a pitch, then get all their teammates to pay via contactless means with ease and speed. 

Watch out for Android and Apple Pay coming to the app very shortly!



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