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Horror and Graphic Design

At this time we celebrate the biggest event in the year for all us former emo-turned-hipster types. Halloween is here, so get your broomstick and your best bin bag cape, grab some popcorn and enjoy the very best graphic design that the horror genre has ever created.

But, before we get to the run down of my top spooky graphic design choices from the horror genre, let me set a context. There was a time before Netflix existed. Before the internet existed. Even before DVDs existed. I’m showing my age but the highlight of my week was a Friday night visit to the video store with my dad. I’d get to pick a film. But how would I choose from the 100s of films available?

They say never judge a book by its cover but it’s definitely ok to do that with a movie, right?

Without further ado, here is my list of top horror artwork!

Return of the Living Dead

Punk zombies? Count me in. This cover had some attitude and brought the zombie back to life long before the walking dead.

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Fright Night

A solitary figure is depicted home alone while the monsters come the darkness of the night. Super unnerving but super cool!

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The Shining

Saul Bass designed this, need I say more. A clean and minimal horror classic with incredible typography.

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Much like the soundtrack (dun dun) the poster is pretty minimal but perfectly sums up what is going on and what you’re in for while watching

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Hitchcock’s classic horror film makes the perfect typographic choice with the fractured word ‘PSYCHO’ broken much like the motel owner.

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