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Don't Feed The Trolls:

Trolling, verb: 1. To make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them: 2. Being annoying on the internet, just because you can.

Trolling is a phenomenon that has taken over the internet and shows no sign of slowing down. According to the net, trolling became en vogue around 2009 (source not verified…could be a troll) and ever since no form of social media is safe. Anyone who has ever been on YouTube will have no doubt seen some trolling on the comment section. I watched the John Lewis Christmas advert earlier and the comment section had erupted into a discussion among trolls about the existence of God. Trolling can be dangerous and I definitely don’t recommend it for any malicious reasons. In fact, 30 people a week are found guilty of trolling. So probably better to err on the side of caution and be nice to each other online. However, that being said, there are some quite frankly hilarious examples of trolling out there on the interwebs. Let's take a closer look...


Did you read my last post about Politicians on Twitter? Well my strenuous and detailed research led me to stumble upon something very special: politicians being trolled on Twitter. Prime Minister David Cameron sent this harmless Tweet to inform his faithful followers what he was up to:

david cameron tweet

And received the following reply:

response tweet to david cameron

Note this Twitter user's picture...the quintessential troll.

George Osborne… oh George, perhaps it would be a good idea to stay off Twitter until the economy is fixed and public perception of you is favourable:

george osborne twitter

And of course the good people of Britain dutifully replied to their Chancellor of the Exchequer:

response tweets to george osborne

Check these users' Twitter handles. These guys know what they're doing.

We can’t forget about Ed Miliband as well:

ed miliband twitter

Poor Ed, just tweeting something nice about the tennis but even tennis is enough to set the trolls off as these Twitter users showed:

response tweets to ed miliband

I could write this whole post on politicians being trolled on Twitter, there are just so many wonderful examples to choose from!


Facebook is another prime candidate for trolling. I still don’t understand why people ask questions on Facebook. Ever heard of Google? I don’t even feel sorry for this person; she invited the trolls and was silly enough to take their advice!

facebook trolling example

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers, where users can ask questions on literally every topic is another trolling hot spot. Really, there are no words.

yahoo answers trolling example


As I mentioned earlier, the YouTube comment section is prime breeding ground for trolls. I doubt there are very many videos on YouTube that have been able to escape those crafty little so and so's and their incendiary comments.

youtube trolling example

So there you have it folks, some gloriously terrible (or terribly glorious) examples of trolling. Now go forth and behave on the internet, and remember, do not feed the trolls!


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