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Our experts have experience in helping businesses grow online across a variety of industries. We empower your team through interactive training to learn the skills, use the tools and gain the knowledge you need to grow online. We offer skills training in a variety of formats to suit all needs and teams of all sizes.

Social Media Training Courses

Our social media courses are delivered by our Social Media Marketing team who have a proven track record of implementing winning strategies on behalf of national brands and small businesses alike. Your team will learn the latest effective tools and how best to use them to gain followers, get engagement and deliver your own social media strategy. We will get hands-on with Facebook's own advertising platform, as well delve into getting the most from Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

You'll learn how to profile an audience, find the right platforms to reach your people and how to create content and ads that will help you connect with your community.

Digital Marketing Training Courses

Find out how your business can get found and reach the right audiences online with a digital marketing training course. We take your team step-by-step through the main aspects of digital marketing and explain how to get the most from your online presence. We show you the tools you need to create your own cost-effective campaigns as well as impart the knowledge to analyse, assess and improve your strategy.

The course covers pay per click (PPC), search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, how websites work, email marketing and analytics.

Content Marketing Training Courses

No digital marketing strategy would be complete without great content. The backbone of driving traffic is creating engaging content that your audience is hungry for. That can be informative articles, interesting infographics or binge-worthy video. It's all about telling a compelling story that helps you outperform your competitors.

You'll learn how to create content marketing concepts, develop content marketing strategies as well as learning how to design and analyse your campaign.


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